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Directors work with set designers, costume designers, location scouts, and art directors to build a project’s set. During a film’s postproduction phase, they work closely with film editors and music supervisors to make sure that the final product comes out the way the producer and director envisioned. Stage directors , unlike television or film directors , who document their product with cameras, make sure that the cast and crew give a consistently strong live performance. For more information, see the profiles on actors , writers and authors , film and video editors and camera operators , dancers and choreographers , and multimedia artists and animators .

Large productions often have various producers who share responsibilities. For example, on a large movie set, an executive producer is in charge of the entire production and a line producer runs the day-to-day operations. A TV show may employ several assistant producers to whom the head or executive producer gives certain duties, such as supervising the costume and makeup teams.

Similarly, large productions usually employ several assistant directors , who help the director with smaller production tasks such as making set changes or notifying the performers when it is their time to go onstage. The specific responsibilities of assistant producers or directors vary with the size and type of production they work on.

Although directors are in charge of the creative aspects of a show, they ultimately answer to producers. Some directors also share producing duties for their own films.

Producers and directors audition and select cast members.

Producers and directors held about 134,700 jobs in 2016. The largest employers of producers and directors were as follows:

Producers and directors work under a lot of pressure, and many are under constant stress to finish their work on time. Work assignments may be short, ranging from 1 day to a few months. They sometimes must work in unpleasant conditions, such as bad weather.

Theater directors and producers may travel with a touring show across the country, while those in film and television may work on location (a site away from the studio and where all or part of the filming occurs).

Work hours for producers and directors can be long and irregular. Evening, weekend, and holiday work is common. About 1 out of 3 worked more than 40 hours per week in 2016. Many producers and directors do not work a standard workweek, because their schedules may change with each assignment or project.

Redirect responses are instances of the Illuminate\ Http \ RedirectResponse class, and contain the proper headers needed to redirect the user to another URL. There are several ways to generate a RedirectResponse instance. The simplest method is to use the global redirect helper:

Sometimes you may wish to redirect the user to their previous location, such as when a submitted form is invalid. You may do so by using the global back helper function. Since this feature utilizes the session , make sure the route calling the back function is using the web middleware group or has all of the session middleware applied:

When you call the redirect helper with no parameters, an instance of Illuminate\ Routing \ Redirector is returned, allowing you to call any method on the Redirector instance. For example, to generate a RedirectResponse to a named route, you may use the route method:

If your route has parameters, you may pass them as the second argument to the route method:

If you are redirecting to a route with an "ID" parameter that is being populated from an Eloquent model, you may pass the model itself. The ID will be extracted automatically:

If you would like to customize the value that is placed in the route parameter, you should override the getRouteKey method on your Eloquent model:

You may also generate redirects to controller actions . To do so, pass the controller and action name to the action method. Remember, you do not need to specify the full namespace to the controller since Laravel's RouteServiceProvider will automatically set the base controller namespace:

If your controller route requires parameters, you may pass them as the second argument to the action method:

Sometimes you may need to redirect to a domain outside of your application. You may do so by calling the away method, which creates a RedirectResponse without any additional URL encoding, validation, or verification:

Redirecting to a new URL and flashing data to the session are usually done at the same time. Typically, this is done after successfully performing an action when you flash a success message to the session. For convenience, you may create a RedirectResponse instance and flash data to the session in a single, fluent method chain:

After the user is redirected, you may display the flashed message from the session . For example, using Bellini Maitai Womens AB68UFve2S

The response helper may be used to generate other types of response instances. When the response helper is called without arguments, an implementation of the Illuminate\ Contracts \ Routing \ ResponseFactory contract is returned. This contract provides several helpful methods for generating responses.

There’s a widespread myth that American feminist leadership put women’s rights on the world agenda. The opposite is the case. The initial impetus came from the Soviet bloc and non-aligned Third World states. [61] A point emphasized by Therborn in Between Sex and Power , p. 76. In the early 1970s, while Washington was struggling with military defeat in Indochina compounded by recession and political crisis at home, leftist African and Arab countries were temporarily riding high, buoyed up by a flood of petro-dollars. In 1974 this ‘Group of 77’ used their new majority at the one-state, one-vote un General Assembly to push through the Declaration for a New International Economic Order, under whose charter developing countries would be able to regulate the activities of multinational corporations on their territory, including nationalizing their assets, with compensation to be settled under the domestic law of the nationalizing country. Naturally this was anathema to the us , but the Soviet bloc lent nieo its support in exchange for G-77 votes for the Brezhnevite agenda of détente.

This was the context in which the un General Assembly backed a proposal from the Soviet-led widf for an international ‘year for women’ in 1975, capped by a world conference in Mexico City to plan their full integration in the coming economic order. [62] The Women’s International Democratic Federation ( widf ) was then the largest international women’s network, with member organizations in over a hundred countries. Although its official bodies in the Comecon countries were stultifyingly conservative, widf branches played a significant role in organizing women around socio-economic questions in parts of Africa, Latin America and the Indian Subcontinent. For the us State Department, the General Assembly of the 1970s was a diplomatic battlefield in which success was measured in terms of damage limitation. Its officials participated in preparations for the Mexico City conference as a matter of course, but Washington’s priority for global gender politics remained population control: it allocated a $3m budget for a 1974 un gathering on family planning, compared to $350,000 for the 1975 women’s conference. Sugar Brownie Girls ToddlerYouth 8UcTshsIDP
Mexico City hosted two gatherings, setting a pattern for the future: an official un inter-governmental conference, marked by the hot air and posturing typical of such occasions—delegates were chosen by foreign-ministry officials to showcase their leading ladies [64] The Shah of Iran’s twin sister played a central role, while the best of her country’s young men and women were locked in Savak’s dungeons; fellow delegates included Mrs Marcos, Mrs Rabin and Mrs Sadat. The Soviet delegation was led by the world’s first female astronaut, evidence for Moscow’s claim that women in the state-socialist bloc already enjoyed equality, which was at least statistically true in terms of education and employment. —and a parallel cultural forum that attracted an audience of 6,000 for a programme of film shows, dancing, prayer (led by Mother Teresa) and panel discussions. Here the temper was more radical; the us women’s movement provided the largest foreign contingent, though there were strong showings from other American countries, Mexico at that time being a refuge for those fleeing dictatorships further south. The stand-out speaker was an indigenous Bolivian woman, Domitila Barrios, who had survived a massacre of protesting miners’ families by us -backed government forces only to be jailed and tortured, suffering a miscarriage as a result.

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The correlation coefficient r is directly related to the coefficient of determination r 2 in the obvious way. If r 2 is represented in decimal form, e.g. 0.39 or 0.87, then all we have to do to obtain r is to take the square root of r 2 :

r = ± r 2 r = ± r 2

The sign of r depends on the sign of the estimated slope coefficient b 1:

That is, the estimated slope and the correlation coefficient r always share the same sign. Furthermore, because r 2 is always a number between 0 and 1, the correlation coefficient r is always a number between -1 and 1.

One advantage of r is that it is unitless, allowing researchers to make sense of correlation coefficients calculated on different data sets with different units. The "unitless-ness" of the measure can be seen from an alternative formula for r , namely:

r = n i = 1 ( x i ¯ x ) ( y i ¯ y ) n i = 1 ( x i ¯ x ) 2 n i = 1 ( y i ¯ y ) 2 r = i = 1 n ( x i x ¯ ) ( y i y ¯ ) i = 1 n ( x i x ¯ ) 2 i = 1 n ( y i y ¯ ) 2

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